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Last Will & Testament Information

The process of setting your Will in order is often made opaque and unnecessarily confusing by solicitors, government and the like. Our aim, with our professional Will writing services, is to simplify and clarify the process with our last Will and Testament information, taking you by the hand and helping you along the way to setting up your Will in the way you want it. Kindred Wills and Trusts Ltd is committed to helping you organise your Will and distribute your belongings and property in a way that’s legal and that suits your needs. We’ll ensure that you understand the requirements needed to validate a Will, explaining the technical jargon and dispelling common misconceptions surrounding Will writing, with easy-to-digest last Will and Testament Information.



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Laws surrounding Wills and Trusts are notoriously opaque. We’re here to help you get your head around it with our simple, easy to understand last Will and Testament information. These are some of the questions we get most often but, if you have one that isn’t listed here, feel free to get in touch through our contact form with any further questions you might have.

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What are “Lasting Powers of Attorney”?

Lasting Powers of Attorney allow you to decide who takes charge of your financial and welfare decisions in the event that you become physically or mentally unable to do so. If it comes to the unfortunate scenario that you can no longer make for own decisions while alive, you nominate a suitable person – someone you know well and trust, who is close to you and your family – to make those decisions on your behalf.

What is a Probate?

Probate enables your assets to be transferred to your beneficiaries named in your will after your death.  A named executor can obtain probate, or they can enlist us to do this on their behalf.  Probate gives a named person (s) legal authority to deal with assets (such as bank accounts/property sales).  For estates of value, it is essential. Without it, assets remain in limbo and beneficiaries won’t be able to receive their inheritance. 

What is an Executor?

The executor is the person that you have named in your will as the one who is responsible for dealing with the estate, complying with your wishes, in the event of your death. They have the power to manage and direct estate funds, but are bound by duty to distribute wealth in the way that you have instructed in the Will.





For further last Will and Testament information, feel free to give us a call on 02475 263 817, or fill out our contact form to arrange a call back and discuss any queries you may have.


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